Welcome to the Inter-School Crossfit Challenge site. I have created this site with a view to find like minded PE teachers from around the world who are equally passionate about providing opportunities for children to be physically active.

How it works…

A group of schools from around the world will be connected together by participating in the challenge (let’s see how many schools we get).

Must be a primary / elementary school.

There is no limit to how many students can participate from each school, although I do suggest only selecting students from the upper primary / elementary years.

Each week, a participating school will be responsible for creating a new challenge of the week (COW). This challenge will need to be a video and uploaded to You Tube and will be published on this site by me.

Each crossfit challenge should last about 15 – 20 minutes. Student first names can be entered onto a Google sheet where we can track their progress as they complete each challenge. Student comments and photos of them completing hte challenge can also be added to the blog.

The main focus of this challenge is to connect kids through physical activity. Students create the challenges for other students to complete, providing for a much more authentic and engaging experience. Exercise workouts should be kid friendly, fun and utilise minimal equipment to ensure maximal particpation from all schools.

The main method of communication between teachers will be email but lots of info will be uploaded to this blog by me.

I suggest schools make this a special project for a group of interested students. Eg, before or after school club, lunchtime club or a special project for a specific class within the school

I also suggest making sure that you have special permission forms signed by your parents to allow images and video of students to be uploaded to You Tube and this blog. I will be happy to supply you with a sample permission note.

This is a project that I am really keen to get up and running and I hope to find other schools and passionate teachers to help me get it off the ground. It’s not an arduous task. All you need to do is find 20 minutes per week for your students to complete the challenge and then enter the data onto the score sheet.


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